Letter of Introduction

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Bonded  – Insured 

Commitment!   Integrity!   Results!

HIC #192410

Allow me to introduce MR Green Shirt – America’s Handyman to you.

My name is Edward Sweeney and I have over 35 years of hands on experience and knowledge in the building trades.

I am representing my company Green Shirts Inc. dba ‘MR. Green Shirt’ – America’s Handyman to Homeowners, Hotels / Service Industries, Office Managers,  Property Management, Realtors, and Restaurants Teams and others within the counties of Norfolk, Middlesex, Worcester and parts of Suffolk  area of Massachusetts.

The needed service that Is offered may prove to be beneficial to your present situation.

We invite all Homeowners, Businesses and  Office Managers to invest in a ‘partner type’ relationship with us.

Helping you to succeed in bringing qualified and professional tradesmen to your  Place of Business and Residence within our service area.


As a Homeowner, you are now able to attend to that ‘to do list’ that has been accumulating over the years and now make the time to cross items off of that ‘to do list’. Once and for all. There is no time like the present to take notice of your investment.



As a Property Management Company protecting your clients investment is crucial to your survival and making certain that your portfolio is in tip top condition requires diligence. Understanding this will put you at an advantage over your competition. Pay attention to all your properties, not only to a chosen few and you will continue to remain profitable and competitive.


As a Realtor, the knowledge that you possess and have access to is crucial to your buyer/seller/lessee clients wellbeing. And to your livelihood too. By preparing their property to be placed on the market, to nicely show and to quickly sell/lease. Or to update a newly purchased property to the new home/building owners liking. These are small but crucial steps to remain competitive and becoming

successful in your profession.


As a Restaurant Owner/Manager the business has little down time between openings and closings. Leaving the restaurant with things just not getting doneie. broken/loose chair legs, light bulbs needing replacement, doors needing adjustments, award plaques to be hung...). The list goes on and on…, All issues must be addressed at least once a month if not more for the benefit of your customers safety and for increasing your hard working employees productivity. Doing this will help keep your restaurant profitable and competitive going forward.


As a Hotel /Service Industry Manager and with the busy season upon the Hotel Industry you are becoming aware of quite a number of issues that appear to be popping up over night that need your attention now. Do the math 5 – 20 – 50 – 100 – 200 – 300 plus rooms. These issues need to be addressed now before your guest rooms begin to be in disrepair. Being proactive will save your company much needed capital to remain profitable and competitive.




Being Bonded/Insured ( HIC# 192410), MR. Green Shirt – America’s Handyman is providing a needed commercial handyman and residential service to many industries.

With over 30 years of field experience. An important tool that Is used in the day to day business is that of incorporating many years of hands on experience into the business. Taking a knowledgeable and logical approach to solving on site issues in a timely manner saving our customers time and money.

Keep MR. Green Shirt – America’s Handyman in mind for any ongoing or future projects that you may have with regard to personal, property management, clients ( buyers/sellers ), family, friends…

Visit our list of services to get a better understanding of the work that MR. Green Shirt – America’s Handyman offers.


To request a scheduled visit to your home or business, please call the office or use the contact form below at the bottom of this page.


Thank you for your consideration,

Edward Sweeney – Owner/ Technician

Green Shirts Inc.


MR. Green Shirt – America’s Handyman
200 Woodview Way
STE. 2426
Franklin MA. 02038


Tele: 857-262-2516





Commitment!   Integrity!   Results!

HIC #192410